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The 1994 movie starring Hugh Grant, “Four Weddings and a Funeral” was a big hit. In 2018 – and this weekend -  we seem to be heading toward “Four Divorces and a Funeral” instead. Senator John McCain will be put to rest today after a week of mourning, reflection of the good from a life. 
FUNDAMENTAL FORECAST FOR THE US DOLLAR: BULLISH US Dollar Talking Points US Dollar snaps 2-week loss streak as haven demand returns Trade war and emerging market worries may sustain support Upbeat local data to boost yield appeal if sentiment recovers See our free guide to get help gain confidence in your US Dollar trading strategy!
Fundamental Forecast for GBP: Bullish Sterling (GBP) Talking Points: Positive Brexit talks feed through into an oversold Sterling complex. PMIs aside, there is little data of note to reign in Sterling next week. The DailyFX Q3 GBP Forecast is available to download. Positive Brexit Discussions Should see Sterling Underpinned at the Very Least A good
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The S&P500 is evolving in a bullish channel with rising and widening simple moving averages.  After overshooting above the bullish trendline the market is finding support just above it. Although the market is quite topish with a rising wedge and a trendline overshot the trend is your friend and there is no sign of a
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