Technical Analysis

Some intraday weakness sends the major indices back toward lows for the day The major indices are still higher but over the last few minutes there has been a move to the downside. Looking at the 5 minutes chart of the NASDAQ index,, the index did fall back below its 50 bar moving average, found support against the hundred
Some of the declines were retraced The major indices are ending the session with gains but some late day headlines from China that the blacklist announced earlier in the week, has lowered their trade expectations for the trade meetings this week (or so they say). Those meetings will begin tomorrow and are expected to go through Friday.   Although of the highs,
Price is down $0.04 or -0.08% The price of crude oil futures are settling the day at $52.59. That is down $0.04 or -0.08% on the day.  The high price today extended to $53.74 on the back of the hope for a deal with US and China.  The gains could not be maintained and the price drifted back lower. The low for