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Jens Pedersen, Senior Analyst at Danske Bank, gives his opinion on the current developments around the buck. Key Quotes “In G10, EUR/USD moved higher yesterday towards the 1.16 level aided by further stabilization in risk sentiment and development in the personal investigation against US President Trump”. “Trade talks could be important to keep an eye
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Analysts at TD Securities explained that New Zealand real retail sales jumped by +1.1%/q, smashing even the most optimistic +0.8%/q forecast (mkt +0.3%/q). Key Quotes: “11/15 industries expanded in the quarter. After +4.7%/q blockbuster Building supplies, other contributors to the strong result were Food and beverage services (+1.7%/q) and Dept stores (+2.8%/q).Broad-based strength dilutes concerns
Resistance held like it was supposed to… The tough nut to crack at the 100 hour MA, trend line, 50% was indeed a tough nut to crack (see earlier post). The price has now rotated back lower.  The price has moved back down to test the Friday lows at the 110.318. A move below should
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Below are the key quotes, via Reuters, from the opening remarks by Michel Barnier, European Commission Chief Negotiator for Article 50 Negotiations with the UK.  Negotiations are entering the ‘final stage’. After July talks, we’re far more advanced in defining common ground for security cooperation than trade. EU single market must be respected in economic
Tips for staying ahead in a quiet market Summer trading can present a number of challenges for trading. For starters, ranges can be smaller due to the reduced volatility with many institutional traders away from their desks. Markets are more vulnerable to having patches of illiquidity with random moves taking out stops more readily on
Latest data released by the Confederation of British Industry – 21 August 2018 Prior 11 Trends selling prices 15 vs 14 expected Prior 13 ForexLive Readings above 0 indicates optimism while below indicates pessimism. The headline is a survey on manufacturers to rate the level of volume for orders expected during the next 3 months. Factory