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Nifty Trading strategy for working professional

Nifty Trading strategy for working proffesional

This is a very easy and simple strategy for trading in Nifty for working people.It is as simple as placing order at 9.15 am and closing your terminal.

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Trading Startegy

Keep alarm at 9.14am and log into trading terminal.
If yesterday was postive day(i.e if close is greater than open) then go short today i.e short sell at open price at 9.15 as soon as market opens

Vice versa if market was negative yesterday
If yesterday was negative(i.e close is less than open) then go long at open price.

I have back tested this stratergy from 2010 had it has been working very well.Details available with me,you can do it yourself in excell or you can ping me on my email id if you need the excel file backtested by me.

Money Management

Trade with 1 lot nifty for 75000 Rs intial investment
Increase the lot with increase of 75000 Rs
i.e 75000 = 1 lot
150000 = 2 lot
225000 = 3 lot and so on


The results have been very good
2016 had a return of 550%.
2015 had a return of 600% and so on
Considering the slippage, brokerage charges etc we can easily get 400% return every year which is very high compared to any FD,stocks etc

Trading Psycology

Trading discipline is very very important and one need to carry out the trade daily even if there is continuous loss for 5 can be assured that one day or the other you will have positive trades also the average of which will be in positive.As you all know trading is an art and you have to be very disciplined to master it.Take both loss and profit with same attitude and be very disciplined with your placing daily orders.

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