Forex Trading For Beginners


This video is geared towards persons who are now beginning to trade forex.

I did a before and after technical analysis on usdjpy and I showcase just how simple it really is.

In this video I will show you how simple your technical analysis could and should be – once you trust your set up, follow your risk management rules and put in the practice there is absolutely no reason you should be struggling within this industry.

I also tried something different from before as I spoke in this video instead of using words in the past few videos.

I am a product of Forexia and thus I have to give a huge shout out to Forexia for turning me into what I am today. I am one of the Teachers within the Forexia Academy and I will highly advise anyone who is watching this and wants to get like this to follow the link below…

Forexia Academy –
@brandonforexia on telegram for more info.

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