UK’s Hammond told PM May he will fund her plans as a trade-off for her free vote to stop a no-deal Brexit

The UK Times reports on Brexit voting developments. 

  • Philip Hammond has told Theresa May that he will fund her legacy plans as a trade-off for her allowing Tory MPs free votes on efforts to stop a no-deal Brexit.
  • This is re May’s proposal for £27 billion of funding for education before she steps down. 
  • Hammond is close an agreement to boost education funding by about £5 billion
  • However, he has suggested that his support is conditional on suspending the whip on a cross-party attempt to stop Britain leaving the European Union without a deal on October 31

I don’t know how relevant this is. May is stepping down and once the new PM is in (Boris Johnson it appears) Hammond will likely be sacked from his position.

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