UK Opposition leader Corbyn will support Brexit policy change – second referendum

I posted this breaking item on Jeremy Corbyn to support a 2nd referendum here earlier:

Its been a valuable heads up, with the item getting a bit of a run now in media elsewhere.  I am yet to see Bloomberg pick it up, when they do it should be an added boost for GBP.

The report was originally in the UK Times.

Adding a bit more detail now, via Times:

  • Jeremy Corbyn will back a move today for Labour to change its Brexit policy and support a second referendum in all circumstances.
  • The shadow cabinet is due to discuss the plan to make Labour’s stance decisively pro-Remain.
  • A paper drawn up by Andrew Fisher, Mr Corbyn’s head of policy, recommends that Labour support a second referendum on any deal negotiated with Brussels.
  • A senior Labour source confirmed that Mr Corbyn was endorsing the shift in policy, adding: “It is a moment.”

Via Telegraph:

  • Jeremy Corbyn is poised to back a major policy shift on Brexit that would see Labour support a second referendum in all circumstances, it has been reported.
  • The Labour leader is understood to be ready to move the party towards a decisive pro-Remain stance following intensifying pressure from his own MPs, including his deputy Tom Watson.
  • It comes as the shadow cabinet are due to meet on Wednesday to thrash out its position on Brexit. A paper has reportedly been drawn up by Andrew Fisher, Mr Corbyn’s head of policy, which recommends the party support a second referendum on any deal struck with Brussels.
  • Mr Corbyn has previously indicated a second referendum has merely been an “option”


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