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A “mixed” day in the stock market. Techs hit hard but Dow ends higher

Some late day buying at the close eases some of the hurt in the Nasdaq

The Nasdaq got hurt today ending down -1.61%, but it was over a 2% decline not far from the close. So things could have been worse. Nevertheless it closed in correction territory.  

The S&P and Dow also rallied into the close. The Dow actually closed higher on the day which in reality makes the day “mixed” if you just went by the major indices. However, I would still give it a mixed day with a strongly negative bias. 

The final numbers are showing:

  • The S&P fell -7.61 points or -0.28% at 2744.45. The high reached 2763.07. The low extended to 2728.81
  • The Nasdaq fell -120.12 points or -1.61% at 7333.02. The high reached 7457.656. The low extended to 7292.215
  • The Dow rose 4.74 points or 0.02% at 24819.78. The high reached 24935.21. The low extended to 24680.57.

Overall, the S&P are ending near mid ranges. The Nasdaq still closed more toward the lows.  


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