Trading ideas for May – Discover the trends with SimpleFX influencers

How you can use the trading ideas of others to your advantage

Would you like to make a
profit whether the price of your favorite asset goes up or down? Or maybe you’d
like to start benefiting from developing financial markets but don’t want to
invest much money? If the answer for any of the above is  ”yes,”
SimpleFX is the platform you are
looking for. Here’s why.

If you lack funds or
wouldn’t like to risk too much, but still are quite sure about the trend on the
market you are following, SimpleFX lets you trade with high leverage that goes
for some assets as high as 1:500.

It means that with just
one dollar you can open a five hundred times bigger position. SimpleFX also
supports multiple payment methods (including cryptocurrencies) and has no
minimum deposits. You can start trading with any amount.

For many removing these two substantial
obstacles is still not enough to start trading. No wonder, financial markets
may seem complicated for a beginner. That’s why social trading is so popular.
SimpleFX allows social trading with its new Trading Ideas feature.

Follow experts and be followed

Trading Ideas is a tool
made for both sides of the SimpleFX community. On the one hand every day new
people register to try the best mobile trading app and see how easy trading CFD
can be.

On the other, there are
professional and semi-professional individual traders that have already
developed their successful strategies of entry and exit points and now would
like to scale their efforts up without investing too much time in it.

This group can easily
create and share their Trading Ideas with SimpleFX. All the attention and
recognition they get will be converted to real lifetime revenue streams. Each
Trading Idea they create with SimpleFX WebTrader has a referral link embedded
in it.

This means that whenever
somebody clicks in a trading recommendation and registers to SimpleFX the newly created
account will be linked to the expert’s affiliate network. The master traders
that are willing to share their Trading Ideas will get up to 25% of the revenue
share ever generated by their followers!

Now let’s go back to the beginner traders
willing to learn. They can browse through the profiles of people publishing
their Trading Ideas and follow the best. Each Trading Idea has a short
description, recommendation what position to take, and a screen of the chart.
It’s effortless to read, understand and act accordingly.

Hedge fund managers’ Trading Ideas for 2019

The world of finance and
investors is all about following the best and learning from them.  If
you’d like some more open trading inspiration, you may follow the 24th annual
Sohn Investment Conference this week in New York. Here are some of the
predictions made so far:

  • Netflix Inc will break through
    the $1,000 barrier in the next 2-4 years (Daniel Sundheim)
  • Bet on interest-rate volatility
    (Jeffrey Gundlach)
  • The end of the plastic industry
    is near (Scott Goodwin)
  • Bet against 3m Co. (Larry
  • Long on aircraft leaser AerCap
    Holdings NV and short on rail-car leaser GATX Corp. (David Einhorn,
    Founder of Greenlight Capital)
  • The Canadian cannabis industry
    has “enormous” downside due to the limited supply (Daniel Sundheim,
    Founder of D1 Capital Partners)
  • It’s hard to bet against Elon
    Musk (Daniel Sundheim)
  • “Overall it’s a pretty good
    environment for stocks” (Gabe Plotkin, Founder of Melvin Capital
  • “The sun is setting on the age
    of plastic packaging and Plastipak is the best way to express this short”
    (Scott Goodwin, Managing Partner, Diameter Capital Partners)
  • Buy interest-rate volatility on
    long-maturity U.S. Treasuries (Jeffrey Gundlach)

You can follow the
advice of the famous hedge fund managers, but as you can see it’s not so easy
to act upon them. SimpleFX Trading Ideas are much more understandable. Give
them a try. Log into SimpleFX and try following the
advice with a free demo account or a live account with no minimum deposit

This article was
submitted by SimpleFX.


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