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Forex Traders: My Most Important Forex Trading Lesson For You [Real Forex Trade Lesson]

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In this video, I talk about the most critical mistakes I believe Forex traders to be making (that nobody else is really talking about),

There are many Forex trading strategies you can learn, and many of them provide easy, no nonsense Forex entries.

I believe it is the trading psychology aspect for the Forex world which is the true thing that needs to be mastered.

One of the biggest psychological pressures you will ever get from the market, is when you have a real money trade open.

Because your money is on the line, your emotions will be on overdrive, and you’re ability to make rational decisions start to deteriorate.

In the video I want to talk about some of these problems, “in the moment” of my trade.

Talk about where Forex traders are going wrong in their best Forex trading strategy, and where they can improve my avoiding these critical mistakes.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Best of luck on the charts

– Dale Woods

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