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Introduction to Forex Bank Trading Strategies – January 13th 2013

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Introduction to Forex Bank Trading Strategies:

This forex training video is from our latest live seminar on January 13th 2013. For over an hour and a half we break down some of the most fundamental and key strategies you must learn in order to track banking activity in the forex marketplace. Why is tracking banking activity in the FX market so important?

10 banks control over 70% of the daily volume. Therefore if you understand what direction the banks are taking you will know the next direction of the market with a very high degree of accuracy. Because the Mega-Banks control such a majority of the daily volume there is a constant struggle for liquidity.

For every seller there is a buyer and for every buyer there must always be a seller. This basic market fact forces these Mega-Banks to manipulate the market so as to induce buying pressure when they want to sell, as well as to induce selling pressure when they have the desire to buy. This manipulation is also what allows us to track their activity.

This live forex training seminar walks through the basics of how we go about tracking banking activity in the forex market, as well as tips and tricks you can use to stop being the banks victim and start profiting from the daily moves that they create.

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